Bitso listing – and why market maker is a must-have

We’re a leading market maker with a strong presence on top global and local crypto exchanges. As of 2021, our algorithmic engine is integrated with Bitso, seamlessly ensuring 24/7 liquidity for digital assets of our partners. 

Since we first integrated our algorithmic engine with Bitso, a leading local exchange with a strong user base in the LATAM region, back in its early days, we’ve seen the benefits of its 100% organic trading. While Bitso prioritizes listing the biggest and highest-volume tokens, making it challenging for startup projects to get listed, its reputation in the LATAM region is undeniable.

We’re well-acquainted with the unique opportunities and challenges Bitso presents. If you’re considering a listing on Bitso, we can guide you through the process and help establish liquidity for your token.

With our experience and technology, we can help your project navigate the complexities of getting listed on Bitso and tap into the growing LATAM market. Contact us for insights on the Bitso listing process and advice on the best strategy for your token. – Piotr Stawinski, Co-founder and Partnerships at Empirica