Binance listing – and the necessity to hire market makers to manage your liquidity on the exchange

Binance, with billions in daily trading volume and over 185 mln registered users from over 180 countries, is the number one digital asset trading platform worldwide according to Coingecko.

Binance is widely regarded as the pinnacle of global exchanges that everyone dreams of being listed on. While getting listed on Binance is challenging and can take time, especially for startup projects, it’s the ultimate goal for many. As a leading market maker actively operating on Binace, we’re well-equipped to help projects navigate Binance’s strict listing requirements. If you’re aiming for a Binance listing, we can guide you through the process and help establish liquidity for your token from day one. Even though Binance has specific rules and often requires listings on other top exchanges first, standout startup projects with significant investor attention can still get noticed and listed. Contact us for insights on the Binance listing process and advice on the best strategy for your token. – Piotr Stawinski, Co-founder & Partnerships at Empirica