Crypto Vaults: What are they and how can token issuers benefit?

Vaults are among the most exciting innovations and DeFi developments for token issuers (Web3 companies and DAOs). The concept of vaults was a response to the need for secure and automated management of digital assets within the DeFi ecosystem.

What drives investors away from trading a token

You have introduced a product that has strong fundamentals, active community and a clear use case. But your trading volumes still are not satisfactory and instead of rising, the price is very volatile. What is the main reason? We try to bring you closer to the liquidity metrics that investors are watching...
Token listing during bear market

Token listing during bear market

Even in a bear market, there can be success stories, but it's also a time when many projects struggle or fail. Is it worth listing a token or waiting for a change in market sentiment? There are some aspects to consider when making a decision...

Slippage and Market Depth on Uniswap v3

Critical aspects of token liquidity on DeFi platforms are: market depth and slippage. In our recent report prepared by Empirica Liquidity Lab: "Token Liquidity Ranking on Uniswap V3", we calculate these metrics for 500 most liquid tokens.

Empirica at International DeFi Day 2023

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is evolving at an astonishing pace, and our company is at the forefront of this revolution. On the occasion of International DeFi Day 2023, Empirica's co-founder Piotr Stawinski delivered an enlightening presentation titled "Building Token Liquidity on Decentralized Exchanges".

The Rise of Layer 2 Blockchains

One of the biggest things invented in crypto in recent years is the model of a Layer 2 Blockchain. In other words, we are talking about the Ethereum Rollups, one of the most popular scaling solutions, that are about to bring the masses to the crypto space. However, only some know how they work or how to bridge to L2s.

Listing on the Uniswap Exchange – what should you know

A comprehensive tutorial on how to prepare for and conduct a token listing on Uniswap. We will cover what you need to know, what criteria you should consider when selecting a crypto exchange, and how to obtain information about liquidity depth, starting token price, and other pertinent details.

Tokenomics – Why Should We Care About This

In this article, we aim to clarify these basic issues and explain the relationships between token supply and token price from the token’s perspective. Having a good understanding of these basic mechanisms can help avoid misinterpretation regarding the current status of the project.

Uniswap Market Maker

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain that enables peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange without the need for intermediaries or a centralized order book. Uniswap uses an automated market-making mechanism where liquidity providers pool their funds to create a market to trade and earn fees based on transactions in the pool.

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