Bitkub listing – and why it is key to go with a market maker

Founded in February 2018, Bitkub claims to be the No.1 digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform in Thailand. We’re a leading market maker with a strong presence on top global and local crypto exchanges. Our algorithmic engine is integrated also with Bitkub, seamlessly ensuring 24/7 liquidity for digital assets of our partners. 

Bitkub is a leading local exchange based in Thailand. This exchange stands out with 100% organic trading and regularly lists numerous projects each month, although they typically prioritize top volume tokens.

As a leading market maker across top global and local crypto exchanges, we’re integrated with Bitkub and well-positioned to help projects gain traction on this exchange. If you’re considering a listing on Bitkub, we can guide you through the process and help establish initial and provide long-term liquidity for your token, even among the top volume tokens listed.

We can help your project stand out and succeed on Bitkub. Contact us for insights on the Bitkub listing process and advice on the best strategy for your token. – Piotr Stawinski, Co-founder & Partnerships at Empirica