Listing on PancakeSwap – how to set up a pool and add liquidity

PancakeSwap listing seems to be as easy as making pancakes. But a good recipe, which you are probably looking for right now, does not guarantee success. Have you ever burned your pancakes? Imagine that token issuers often burn their money by falling victim to bot attacks while setting up the pool. Or they add liquidity without knowing how to manage the concentration range. Impermanent loss means that you cannot serve all your tokens to investors right now without losing money. 

You are on your own when it comes to frying pancakes, but we know liquidity pools’ mechanisms inside out and can help you in this field. To list your token on PancakeSwap, you can follow the steps in this article. But I also invite you to use our expertise. Contact us. Consultations are free, as the whole DeFi should be.