Bitfinex listing – and why one needs a market maker to manage token liquidity there

We’re a leading market maker with a strong presence on top global and local crypto exchanges. As of 2020, our algorithmic engine is integrated with Bitfinex, seamlessly ensuring 24/7 liquidity for digital assets of our partners. 

Bitfinex is not an easy exchange to list on for startup projects and typically requires good organic volumes on a couple of other exchanges first. It’s an institutional exchange, meaning usually only the biggest tokens are allowed. Despite these challenges we can introduce you to Bitfinex’s verified listing team, assist in the listing process, and build liquidity for your token from the moment you get listed. We ensure both initial and long-term liquidity on Bitfinex by optimizing market depth and narrowing spreads. 

Schedule a call to get my insights about listing on Bitfinex and advice on the best listing strategy for your token on this or other exchanges. – Piotr Stawinski, Co-founder and Partnerships at Empirica