Four reasons to use Liquidity Analytics:

  • Improve trading conditions for your investors by identifying liquidity inefficiencies

    Understand how your investors perceive trading conditions in your markets. Analyze and compare liquidity on listed instruments for diverse investor segments.

  • Assess your market makers and measure their performance

    Supervise your market maker on fulfilling their obligations. Do they facilitate liquidity to your investors as agreed? If you don’t have a market maker it’s also important to measure and understand organic liquidity

  • Volume is a false liquidity measure

    Looking at volume doesn’t give you a real picture your investors care about. Apply our sophisticated measures that show real liquidity in order books of your trading pairs.

  • Compare your liquidity with other exchanges

    Analyze conditions on your market in comparison with other exchanges. Know exactly where are the problems and how you are doing compared with your competition.

Liquidity Analytics Dashboard helps you optimize crypto market making activities

With Liquidity Analytics Dashboard you can learn from liquidity inefficiencies on your exchange in order to optimize and tune-up market making activities.