Four reasons to use Liquidity Analytics:

  • Volume is a false liquidity measure

    Looking at volume doesn’t give you a real picture your investors care about. Apply our sophisticated measures that show real liquidity in order books of your trading pairs.

Liquidity Analytics Dashboard helps you optimize crypto market making activities

With Liquidity Analytics Dashboard you can learn from liquidity inefficiencies on your exchange in order to optimize and tune-up market making activities.

How crypto exchange can steadily grow its investors base?

By taking control over crucial metric of its business – the liquidity. Empirica helps exchanges to gather crucial data, analyze it and make informed decisions that improve trading conditions for their investors. 


  • Monitor all liquidity-related aspects in one dashboard

  • Real time analysis of whole order book and all transaction

  • Proprietary liquidity metrics designed by Empirica quant team to answer crucial questions for the exchange

  • Analysis of all listed trading pairs on your crypto exchange

  • Easy SaaS setup lowering the entry and maintenance costs

  • Comparison to trading pairs of competitive crypto exchanges

  • Immediate information when something wrong is happening with liquidity on certain instruments

  • Analysis of growth of organic liquidity of crypto exchange

  • Development team available to instantly connect your crypto exchange

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