Piotr Stawinski

Piotr is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the technology and digital asset industries. As the co-founder and Vice-President of Empirica, he is responsible for building partnerships and driving sales for the company. Since 2010, Piotr has been working to create liquidity in traditional and digital asset markets, collaborating with exchanges and token projects from all over the world. He is passionate about building long-term relationships with business partners and enjoys meeting them in person at conferences worldwide.

With a background in computer science and a degree from the Technical University of Wroclaw, Piotr has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the industry. He also holds a degree in Business Psychology from the School of Banking in Wroclaw, which has given him a strong foundation in understanding the business and strategic side of things.

Before Empirica, Piotr worked for several software companies in Poland, Switzerland, and Germany, mostly in project management roles. 

Piotr is also an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practitioner and teacher. He values balance in his life, and this practice helps him stay grounded and focused on his work.

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Piotr Stawinski, author empirica

Piotr Stawinski
Co-founder & Vice-President at Empirica
Sales and Partnerships

Telegram: @piotrstawinski
tel: +48 600 825 279
email: piotr.stawinski@empirica.io