Starting adventure in 2010, our company has been evolving and refining our algorithmic trading system. Since 2018, our algorithms have fueled liquidity in crypto markets, supporting innovative blockchain projects. We are looking for a dedicated individual to help us create and maintain long-term relationships with business partners. Join our dynamic team, where every day brings new challenges and endless opportunities for growth!

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Customer Service Support

Take the most exciting challenge in your career. Joining our team gives you the opportunity to explore the fascinating realm of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, considered the future of finance. As the Customer Service Supporter you will assume responsibility for all communication with our clients. You will work with people from different cultures and regions of the world. Be prepared for an intensive dose of unique knowledge. While under my care, you will receive support in all aspects related to your responsibilities.”- Piotr Stawinski, Co-founder and Vice President responsible for Sales & Partnerships at Empirica

  • International challenges

    Working with people from all over the world, from Brazil to Japan.

  • Key area for customers

    Ensuring sufficient liquidity is at the core of our services, making it vital for the survival of many promising projects that might otherwise lose investor interest. Our role as a liquidity provider is indispensable in this ecosystem.

  • Unique experience

    We offer you a unique opportunity to gain experience at the crossroads of technology, business, and the decentralized financial landscape.