Empirica presented ‘ways of implementing Robo-Advisors’ at Fintech Trends

On behalf of Empirica, Hanif Nezhad talked about the different ways Robo Advisors could be implemented and the lessons we have learnt from firms which have digitalized their wealth management operations

He used our Robo-Advisory platform to showcase the different ways possible to apply Robo-Advisors. Although the list of choices firms may have before going Robo is long, he used the major options available, such as model portfolio vs discretionary portfolio management, different ways to perform rebalancing and Empirica’s recommendation engine.

At the end of his presentation he showed how at Empirica we can improve advisor-customer relationship using our built-in house machine learning algorithm for Robo-Advisors.

The event was followed with a panel session where the three speakers discussed variety of topic related to Robo-Advisors such as differences among Robo-Advisors, the Robo-Advisor business in Europe and Poland. The panelists also talked about ETFs and why Robo-Advisors are a big fan of them. After the panel audiences could approach the speakers and ask their questions. The event was concluded with networking session.

Empirica was a proud sponsor of the event.

Empirica is a Wrocław-based company that supports many local IT initiatives. Empirica is offering solutions such as an Quant Trading Software implemented by major institutional investors in Poland, market making software, portfolio management system framework, crypto trading bots and trading software development for companies from capital and cryptocurrency markets.