Market Making and Liquidity for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets and topics

What drives investors away from trading a token

You have introduced a product that has strong fundamentals, active community and a clear use case. But your trading volumes still are not satisfactory and instead of rising, the price is very volatile. What is the main reason? We try to bring you closer to the liquidity metrics that investors are watching…

Is market making profitable?

Market making strategy

New York Intensive Business Journey | Consensus 2019

During our last visit to New York, we held multiple business meetings with our partners and potential clients, which led to kick-start some new, exciting algo trading projects.

We had been spreading the word about our flagship products – Algorithmic Trading Engine, Liquidity Engine and the newborn baby – Liquidity Analytics Dashboard for crypto markets. Making use of every spare hour, we participated in different industry events connected with crypto trading and blockchain.

You might have met Empirica’s Vice-President and Co-Funder Piotr Stawiński on conferences and meetups such as NYC Crypto Mondays, various Blockchain Week events or Consensus 2019.