Trade with proven algorithms to precisely execute your investment strategy

with cloud hosted instance of our algorithmic trading platform that connects to major crypto exchanges

Use built-in trading strategies like


    You can build sophisticated algorithmic strategies for providing the liquidity and hedging positions


    Execute arbitrage strategies on bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies between multiple crypto exchanges


    Let the algorithm find the best price for your order on all crypto exchanges and execute it

  • VWAP

    Achieve best price with large order by splitting it in to mulitple smaller ones throught the trading day


    Execute trades on multiple coins at the same time with possibility to hedge against other coins


With our OpenAPI you can build your own trading strategy and test it in safe environment on real time or historical data. You can also ask our quant team to help you with the implementation

Execute advanced order types

that are unavailable natively on most crypto exchanges, like

Trailing Stops

Limit potential loses or defend your profits regardless of where the market moves

Iceberg Orders

Hide real size of your order and do not let the market go against you

Pegged Orders

Achieve best execution prices by passively following the top of order book

What’s in


    Implement, test, backtest and optimize your algorithms with this intuitive desktop application.

  • Server-side execution

    Empirica server components installed on hosted environment of your choice will provide the level of execution no other retail software provides.

  • Performance

    Our algorithmic trading software provides institutional level of performance and latency of algorithms execution.

  • Help of professional developers

    You can choose pricing packages with many hours of ongoing monthly support in algorithms implementation from our software development team .


    Tired with slow and limiting script languages? Unleash the power of Java to implement sophisticated algorithms using professional development tools.

  • Support in setup

    Choose reliable hosting provider and our team will help you with seting up the algorithmic trading environement – installation, configuration and connectivity to your broker.

  • Connectivity

    Choose your data feeds and broker or crypto currency exchanges you want to connect to and we will evaluate if it’s possible to set it up efficiently with our algorithmic trading software.


    Empirica’s exchange simulation engine with real-time execution of your orders! No other software offers this level of simulation.

Crypto Partnerships

Empirica comes from providing technology to the most sophisticated investors in capital markets space – market makers of stocks and derivatives, brokerages, banks and stock exchanges. Now we are releasing our advanced technology to cryptocurrency traders.

If you are:

– Experienced cryptocurrency investor that is looking for automation of his/her operations

– Operator of cryptocurrency exchange

– Professional quantitative investor in traditional assets looking to expand into cryptocurrency markets

We are looking to combine our advanced technology with bright minds, experience and capital and build the future of finance, which we believe is decentralized.

Please contact us to talk through potential partnership options.

TWAP algorithmic trading strategy

Algorithmic Trading Platform is

  • complete environment, dedicated to create, test and execute algorithmic strategies,
  • dedicated for traders on capital markets, cryptocurrency exchanges and forex
  • allowing all types of assets and derivatives
  • supporting professional investors in all aspects of trading automation,
  • easy to learn with many examples, tutorials and rich documentation.
  • supporitng high performance and low latency environment with server-side execution of algorithms with scalable architecture
Empirica Algorithmic Trading Software

Our algorithmic trading software is used by

Professional Investors

Advanced retail investors have technically the same requirements as small hedge funds. Desktop software or tools for community trading are just not sufficient for professional algorithmic trading.

Hedge Funds

We help funds develop tools for algorithmic trading, historical data analysis, portfolio and risk management, integration with external data sources and automation of trading operations.

Brokerage Firms

Brokers use Empirica platform for extending their techinical offering to its customers. Our services include bespoke development as well as integration with external systems and financial markets connectivity.

Big financial institutions have an advantage over other market participants as they are equipped with better and faster tools. Empirica offers algorithmic trading software for professional investors allowing them to execute investment strategies in the way they couldn’t execute before.


to implement, test, optimize and execute your trading algorithms

for capital, cryptocurrency and forex markets

Need a bespoke cryptocurrency or blockchain software solution?

Software projects in finance are not about technology, they are about the results achieved with technology. You can find dozens of software companies that focus on tools, frameworks, code and tests. They build software for whatever customer, whatever industry happens, indirectly saying they put technology over customer’s business. We are different. We are the fintech software house. We focus exclusively on financial technology projects. We build software that helps financial companies run their business. We do that, because we understand finance.

Since we started in 2009, we have helped many customers in development of their software systems. Additionally during this time, we have build our own algorithmic trading software which is a cutting-edge server-side platform that helps traders and quants develop, test and execute their trading algorithms on the markets. At the same time this platform is the best proof of our software development skills, FinTech industry expertise and our most sophisticated reference.

Why build bespoke software with us?

Empirica Algorithmic Trading Software

We augment a team working under your direction made up of experienced:

  • software developers (both server and client side), designers, architects
  • testers & test automators
  • quants – developers with quantitative background

When working with us your company can be sure of getting:

  • outstanding technical talent with considerable experience of most demanding FinTech projects
  • one of the best price/quality ratio on the whole market, thanks to our development centre located in Wroclaw
  • considerable added value when designing & implementing your applications thanks to our experience from building FinTech software

For more details on our Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and FinTech software development services please check the dedicated website:

Empirica Algorithmic Trading Software
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