Our platform implemented by large brokerage house!

Empirica has sucessfully finished implementation of its Algorithmic Trading Platform in one of the largest brokerage houses in Poland.

Brokerage house will use our platform to:

  • aid its internal trading operations, like market making of derivatives on Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • offer functionalities of our platform to its institutional clients, which will be able to build, test and execute their own algorithmic trading strategies

Implementation included connecting of our system directly to exchange system of Warsaw Stock Exchange, which is Universal Trading Platform delivered by NYSE Technologies, as well as integration with internal transaction systems of brokerage house. Additionally we have fullfilled and sucessfully passed tests regarding highest security, stability and performance requirments.

This implementation is important milestone for our system, as users like the internal brokerage team of market makers is a proof that our system is capabale of performing high-throughput and low latency operations on standards required by most sophisticated traders on the market.