First Launch

TradePad application can be launched from Start Menu, Desktop shortcut or TradePad.exe file.

Select profile frame

To create a new Profile click on New... button located in Select profile dialog. This opens Create profile dialog:

Create profile frame

Fill in following, mandatory data:

  • Profile - Name - local profile name, chosen by the TradePad user,
  • Credentials - User - server-side user name - provided by Empirica system administrator,
  • Credentials - Password - server-side password, initially provided by the Empirica system administrator,
  • Store password in vault - this is optional.

When profile parameters are filled click OK button to create new TradePad profile. New profile appears in the Select profile dialog.

Profile selection dialog

Additional profiles appear as subsequent tiles (sorted in alphabetical order, left to right, top to Bottom).

Multiple profiles frame


Multiple profiles can be created to facilitate connections to different Empirica server environments or to have multiple TradePad GUI / Mode configurations. For example one profile can be designated for work with test environment and the other profile can be used to connect to the live exchange. This helps user prevent accidentally running a test strategy on the real market.