Market Making Software for Trading Professionals

Empirica is a high performance trading platform with powerful server-side execution, systemic low latency, and direct access to major cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional markets.

Capture market share

Low-latency trading engine optimized for market making.

  • Low-latency server-based asynchronous quoting engine
  • Native simultaneous connectivity to multiple crypto and traditional exchanges
  • Monitoring logic to take out market opportunities inside the quoted spreads

Minimize risk

Sophisticated market making workflow.

  • Seamlessly combine market making and manual trading
  • Parameterized algorithms can be changed on the fly (e.g. spreads, reference prices)
  • Post trade risk and P&L information to support trading
  • Notifications let traders act on important events with the click of a button.
  • View and analyze executed trades.
  • Adapt quoting style to market conditions.
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Outcomes when using Empirica for market making

  • Proactive oversight of execution quality across various crypto exchanges
  • Reduced exposure to price slippage
  • Optimized performance and quality of data feeds
  • Reduced risk of service quality degradation and outages
  • Accelerated troubleshooting and resolution of service quality problems
  • Improved return on development investment

For whom

  • Professional market makers
  • Crypto exchanges (liquidity provision)
  • ICO issuers (liquidity of their tokens)
  • Sophisticated crypto investors & arbitrageurs

How to start market making with Empirica

  • 1. TEST

    Test core MM algorithm on platform

  • 2. EXTEND

    Include your proprietary logic to core algorithms (or implement yours from scratch with our Open API). You can count on help of our quantitative development team.

  • 3. CONNECT

    Choose exchanges you want to provide liquidity to from the growing list of integrated crypto exchanges.

  • 4. START

    Start making the markets for chosen cryptocurrencies

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Challenges Market Makers face

Today’s marketing making business leaves little room for second best in technology and infrastructure. Successful market makers must operate a predictable, reliable low-latency trading environment. Market makers must be as fast as the fastest traders on the venue they are providing liquidity on.

Best in class tools are needed to provide visibility, optimization, troubleshooting, data capture and reporting of all electronic activity related to the business of making markets. Traditionally, market makers have built their own tools in-house to maximize competitive advantage. However, that has changed in recent time.

The cost of developing and maintaining these tools is prohibitive as the business expands to more markets, more asset classes and the burden of regulatory obligation increases.

It is critical for market makers to develop highly optimized algorithms for price analysis and quoting.

Research, Back-testing & Simulation

It’s critical to use the same algorithms for research and production. Both price construction and hedging algorithms are designed, back-tested and simulated in Empirica against historical data. Once developed and refined, models are deployed into the production market making environment.

Empirica allows you also to use its own simulated matching engine to test all possible scenarios not available in paper trading or exchange staging environments.

Smart Order Routing

Individual order books from multiple crypto exchanges are aggregated into one view and our adaptive Smart Order Routing algorithms define the best execution plan and split orders for best execution at multiple venues.

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